Stop trying to do everything yourself.

Because physically, you just can’t.

And now you don’t have to…

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SO MANY details involved in running a successful business.  Or a thriving practice.

Things you never trained to do.  Or there’s not enough time.  So they keep getting ahead of you.

But you’re trying to do them anyway.  Because you’re not ready yet for a full-time Executive Assistant. 

Still, you have to do something.

So do this: Relax. Because…


So do this: Relax. Because…



Who Can Call On Stephenie’s Here!?

Who Can Call On



  • Small businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Counselors
  • Consultants
  • Solo practitioners
  • Lawyers
  • Health Care Practitioners
  • Chiropractors
  • Psychologists
  • Dentists
  • IT Specialists
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Authors
  • Repair Shops
  • Pretty Much Anyone…
  • … and You


“Stephenie: I admit I pushed back on your methods at first, but Wow! – my files are in perfect order; I can put my hands on everything I need in virtually a second.  Beyond that, our books are all caught up and more ready for tax time than they’ve ever been!  You are astonishing. Not to mention bright, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!” – John S, Business Owner, Phoenix.

Why are you spending your own $200/hour time 

doing those $35/hour jobs? 

Why are you spending your own $200/hour time doing those $35/hour jobs? 

We can do…

… the million things that take you away from actually running your business. 

Spending your expensive time on administration is NOT cost-effective … especially when
you have Stephenie’s HERE! at your fingertips.

By the project, hourly, or on retainer …

  • Office organization
  • Optimizing Office Workflow
  • Excel® spreadsheets and analysis (Management and training)
  • PowerPoint® presentations (Management and training)
  • Mailmerge
  • QuickBooks® (Management and training)
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Research
  • Reports
  • Dictation and transcription
  • Meeting planning and execution (location, meals, etc.)
  • Finding vendors and venues
  • Important date reminders and gift-buying
  • Office relocation (finding new space, supervising buildouts, furniture purchasing and office setup)
  • Personal shopper
  • Flight and travel arrangements

Stephenie’s HERE!  will be happy to sit down for a half hour and discuss your project with you at absolutely no charge.


“Dear Organizing Wizard:  You walked into a disaster and you left an organized office … You are not only an answer to a prayer, you are an affordable answer.  An investment in your service is an investment in success.”  – S.E.E., Gina’s Team, Phoenix

How We Helped:

(Case Histories)

AUTHOR’S OFFICE —  A busy author, engaged in writing three books at once, had manuscript papers mixed and mingled all over her office, giving her fits as publishers called for deadline info.

Stephenie’s HERE! organized her chapters and color-coded each book for easy reference, enabling this author to dramatically increase her output and meet her deadlines …

MEDICAL PRACTICE — A forensic psychologist could capably stand up to any questioning in court, but unprofitably wasted whole days every month trying to manage her calendar, record-keeping and billing.  Brought on board to tackle these chores, Stephenie’s HERE! discharges them efficiently in a handful of hours per week.

TECH OFFICE MOVE — Outgrowing its offices in uptown Phoenix, this technology company signed a lease on warehouse space near Scottsdale.

With no one on staff to diagram the new offices and workflow, and taken aback by insanely high estimates from movers and remodelers, they awarded supervision to Stephenie’s HERE!

Through her network of experienced contractors, plus negotiating with the phone company for special equipment at a reduced cost, the move was completed substantially under budget and in less time than projected. 

LEGAL RIP-OFF — A legal firm continued to pay $1,500 a month to a marketing company that claimed to provide viable leads to potential clients. But their analytics were confusing, making ROI difficult to assess. Stephenie’s HERE! established transparent metrics proving that the purchased leads had resulted in zero business over time, saving the legal firm $18,000 a year in previously wasted costs.

Stephenie’s HERE!  will be happy to sit down for a half hour and discuss your project with you at absolutely no charge.


“Stephenie: Thanks for the help last week. I’m much more comfortable with the [new] setting … Gayle was very impressed too.”  — Jeff J, Business Principal, Scottsdale