So… Who is this Stephenie, anyway?

Stephenies Here - Your Virtual Executive Assistant

Stephenie has decades of experience as: Executive Administrator • Office Manager • Organizer • Bookkeeper • Computer Whiz • General Magician…

She’s worked in-house with lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers, construction companies, retailers, advertising agencies, and many others.

She’s the brilliant right hand of C-Level execs who need a Radar-O’Reilly-on-steroids.

In short, she’s your way-above-average Executive Assistant.  The administrator who straightens your workplace… sorts your files… smoothes your contacts… simplifies your day… and sets your schedule free to focus on what you do best.

When you don’t have the budgetor the needfor a full-time executive assistant. 

Doesn’t matter what you call it:  Part-time… Virtual… Fractional… On Call…

Short term, medium term, long term. Whenever your enterprise needs an Exec Assistant … Stephenie’s HERE


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